Hello World

Hi! My name is Amit Avner (Hebrew: עמית אבנר)

I am mostly made of water.
I like building stuff, with or without Lego blocks.
I also like starting companies and investing in startups.

- I work and invest in startups, including companies such as Plaid, ByHeart, Unit, Stytch, and Bridgecrew.
- I participate in financings, most often for a company's Series Seed + A rounds.
- To have more fun investing, I started Operator Partners to invest with my friends.
- I co-founded Labrador Health to help fight diabetes via better preventive care.
- I founded and was CEO of Taykey, a trend detection startup. Taykey was acquired in 2017 by Innovid (NYSE:CTV).
- While I was a high-school student (circa 1999), I built my first company, a meta search engine, WittySearch, that got pretty popular.
- Later, I built an early note-taking platform called Witty Notes in 2003.

More Text:
- I wrote about stuff.
- That mentions me.
- In the form of tweets.